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Vacations that won’t dent your wallet (too much)!

As the warm weather approaches, you may find yourself asking where to next? Vacation season is approaching and it is time to treat yourself and/or the family. We have found the best locations to get you started on your next adventure!

Living in San Diego, it’s extremely easy to venture out to neighboring cities, weekend getaways to Palm Springs, Vegas, or LA. But why not try something different! Step out of your comfort zone and travel to new places. We all know how expensive vacations can be but off season deals are available. Adventure is out there!



You’re never too old to take a trip to Disneyland! Whether with the family or adults only, you can experience the magic at a fairly inexpensive price. It’s obviously best to go before summer prices begin. Take a quick road trip up to LA or fly in with great deals from Southwest, United, or your preferred airline. If your living in SoCal, don’t forget about the residential ticket prices! With a valid ID, you can save roughly $50 a day by purchasing the 3-Day Park Ticket. There are multiple package deals available and some include hotel rates. Thrilling, magical, easy getaway, that’s Disneyland.

Not too stoked about visiting Mickey Mouse? Well, make your way up North and head on over to Canada! The North Adventure Inn located in Cochrane, Ontario rents out the sickest igloos you ever did see. These luxury igloos are equipped with a full bath, kitchenette, electricity, and even WiFi. Their low rates and accommodations are ideal for traveling on a budget. Roughly 8 minutes from the hotel is the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat which is open all days of the week. If you love the snow, this trip is a unique adventure waiting to happen.

If you’re really wanting to get away, then why not take a trip to the Caribbean! One of the most affordable island getaways is the Dominican Republic. Whether staying in the capital city Santo Domingo or beach town Punta Cana, there are plenty of inexpensive hotels and of course don’t forget about Airbnb’s. With an exchange rate of $1 = 47 Dominican pesos, you won’t feel like your blowing cash. Enjoy your vacation by bar hopping, exploring the historical cities, and hanging out with some of the locals. The Dominican Republic is a beautiful destination as well as affordable, so why not! Book your flights in advance for better rates.

For the camping lovers, grab your sleeping bag and head out to the great outdoors! Escape the city life and hit the Ventura Ranch campgrounds. Roughly an hour outside of LA, Ventura Ranch is located in the tallest Ventura mountains called Topa Topa. Reserve a cabin, safari tent or Indian-style tepee and you’re guaranteed to enjoy your stay. Keep an eye out for their campground deals similar to their current deal, camping for only $10 on May 13th!  Outdoor fun for family, friends and pets with nature walks, zip lining and much more. Sometimes an outdoor adventure is all you need.

Take your vacation to the next level by bussing across America! Yeah, you can do that. Plan your trip and visit the states you never thought you’d be able to or wing it and hop on a bus, either way you’ll have an unforgettable time. Greyhound bus line offers inexpensive travel options all across the United States. With bus lines running 24 hours, you can wake up in a new state ready for a new adventure. Yes, the bus route can be a little sketchy at times, but there’s nothing like meeting new people from all across the states traveling to new places. Step out of your comfort zone and explore this place we call home.


So, pack your bags and start your next adventure! Whether traveling alone or in a large group, take the time to spoil yourself with a weekend getaway.

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