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Rising Neighborhoods In San Diego

There are a wide range of beautiful neighborhoods located within San Diego, it’s almost impossible to compare them all. We have found some of the next up and coming neighborhoods you need to keep an eye out for. The neighborhood you decide to live in is an important factor to a healthy fun lifestyle. A convenient location, welcoming neighbors, and great weather can create an idealistic neighborhood and we found those characteristics within the neighborhoods listed below.



In the Eastern outskirts of San Diego, La Mesa is a quaint little town north of Lemon Grove. With a population of roughly 60,000 this town operates on mom and pop restaurants and families who have lived there for many years. La Mesa is a great area to live in due to their strong sense of community and friendly people, the type of neighborhood where everyone seems to know each other. La Mesa is reasonably priced considering homes are on the market starting at $450,000. The average home price ranges from $470,000 to $530,000. Since 2003, residential prices have increased roughly 49.7% with homes now on the market for $945,000. The residents of La Mesa truly care about their neighborhood and community creating a safe family friendly town. The crime rates in this neighborhood are fairly low landing under the 3.5 National median crime rate. There are 14 different parks within La Mesa and many public art sites giving off that small town quality within a big city. If you haven’t thought about living in La Mesa, we suggest checking out this cute village-like neighborhood.



The next upcoming neighborhood, south of Downtown San Diego, is the urban neighborhood of Barrio Logan. This unique neighborhood embraces their historic sites and Mexican-American culture. Barrio Logan is referred to as “el ombligo” meaning the center of the world. The construction of interstate 5 resulted in splitting Logan Heights in half creating another side that is now Barrio Logan. This diverse neighborhood ranges from the working class to hipsters to college students. There are many historical sites that represent the Chicano and Maritime heritages and history like the Chicano Park that was created by the local residents. With many industrial businesses in the area, they have a well organized community based off their history of the land.  A single-family home in this area is estimated at $520,000 similar to La Mesa. Majority of these homes are fairly new and some include views of the harbor. The property in Barrio Logan is affordable with low- and mid- income homes and apartments where roughly 18% are homeowners. Nice and close to the harbor, Barrio Logan is an evolving neighborhood continuing to grow.


Another big community based neighborhood is Talmadge. They pride themselves in their community organizations as there are always weekly and monthly events happening. The price range for homes in this area range from the low $500,000 to the high $950,000 dependent on location and amenities. The majority of the people who live in this area are between 20-45 creating a pleasant upbeat atmosphere. The cute homes in this area are roughly ten to fifteen years old with styles including California bungalows, Cape Cod cottages with Spanish influences. Talmadge is a diverse neighborhood with a lot to offer. Their Volunteer Citizens Patrol Organization, patrol on all streets and alleys influencing their low crime rate. Talmadge is a beautiful area with an awesome community base, so check out their neighborhood website for upcoming events and news.

We hope you remember these neighborhoods the next time your looking to buy a home. Not only are they located in beautiful San Diego, but their affordable homes and active community create the ideal neighborhood! Keep La Mesa, Barrio Logan, and Talmadge on your radar as they are the up and coming neighborhoods in San Diego.

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