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Simple. We are San Diego’s Unrivaled Mortgage Broker. We shop the rates so you don’t have to; 48 Lenders in one simple call. Call or text us 8AM to 8PM. It’s about your schedule not ours.  The New Way Mortgages Are Done!
Simple. Different. No Bull$#!+. Get a Rate!

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F O U N D E D  O N  3  B A S I C 




Is a long, slow, complicated mortgage process inevitable?  We think not!  Every process and system  we use is designed and refined from the perspective of “how do we make the process easier, better and faster?”



When everyone else is the nail, be the Hammer.  While everyone strives to look and sound “professional”, we roll our sleeves back and get to work so you aren’t stuck wondering, “I wonder what’s happening with my loan…”. We strive to be the best version of ourselves, have fun and become friends with the people who enter our lives. 8AM-8PM un-heard of from a business, nothing special from an old buddy.


No Bull$#!+.

While we can never guarantee it will always be simple, (it is mortgage lending after all), we will work to avoid unnecessary requests for information, and always give a clear cut response to any question or problem that may pop up. In Other Words: No Bull $&#!

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We are interested in getting to know you and your plans. We would love to meet you at your home, office, our office, or even your favorite café (our treat!). If you prefer we can get started over the phone or Internet. Shoot us a call or text and we'll talk.

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We shop your loan scenario through a network of 48 lenders and then give you an accurate quote that you can lock in immediately. There are several factors that affect interest rates: Type of Loan, FICO scores, Loan-to-Value, Debt Ratios, just to name a few. Get a personalized quote in three simple steps, so simple my mom could do it! Sorry Mom. If you want a free Credit Report just answer two more questions. One of our Mortgage Professionals will get back to you with the best interest rate that you can lock today and the best advice on when is truly a good time to lock the rate based on our bond market analysis.

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Our people are like you

The BlueBolt crew are more than great mortgage professionals. We're real people like you. We’re out in the community like you, whether; shopping at the Encinitas Station Farmer’s Market, attending our neighborhood church or cheering on our Padres! We care about the people and the community of San Diego. Working with us, you'll get the experience of a true professional and the advice of a trusted friend.

Glenn Wilbor

CEO “Big Picture Guy”

Our job here at BlueBOLT Funding is to create an environment of excellence without taking ourselves too seriously; and I seriously think that getting families into Home Ownership is the key to the American Dream. Home ownership builds communities, builds equity and becomes the single largest and ultimately best investment forf most families. Our goal is help as many people as possible achieve that American Dream. Red White and BlueBOLT, Baby!

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Personalized Service throughout Greater San Diego

From Downtown to the most rural area of San Diego County.

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We love this stuff so whether you’re buying your first home, trading up to your dream home,

refinancing your investment property portfolio or planning out your daughter’s first home

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